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Study Abroad Programs & Internships
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Centurion Globe collects this information only for the purpose of processing your application. It is kept within Centurion University and is not shared with any third parties. We collect the information to ensure that you receive the best possible care during your Study Abroad program or Internship.


Our information provides an overview of the study programs and related conditions and services, based on our knowledge and experience in the field.  Study participants should do their own research, in order to make soundly based study choices. You may contact Centurion University (Prof. KVD Prakash, ‭+91 88955 85474, prakash.kvd@cutm.ac.in) for further information. Study Abroad participants should make sensible preparations for the local conditions outlined in their program, both to ensure their personal well-being during the global learning experience and to help achieve their goals. The University does not accept responsibility for unsuitable study choices or participants’ failure to observe local conditions and site requirements.